EasyAssetManagement Core Conservative RA

EasyAssetManagement Core Conservative RA

Investors that are comfortable suffering a loss of up to - 5% in pursuit of positive returns of up to +12% over a 6-month period.


2 Years

Available In


Investment Objective

Capital Preservation

About this Fund

Our Core portfolio range utilises only Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in its portfolio construction.

The Core Conservative portfolio. through EasyAssetManagement’s proprietary algorithms. strategically blends Asset Classes (Cash. Bonds. Equity and Property). locally and abroad. to achieve the desired return and risk outcome.

See more about EasyAssetManagement’s Investment Philosophy and Methodology here


Who is this Suitable for?

  • You are risk averse and want to prioritise protecting your capital.
  • You are ideally investing for at least 2 years.
  • You want to achieve returns better than inflation. but are comfortable with lower potential return over time than you might earn in an investment that takes on more risk

Investment Strategy

Bonds 41,32%

Cash 3,96%

Foreign Equity 29,02%

Property 0%

Local Equity 25,7%

Fund Charges (excl. VAT)


0,75 P/A (excl VAT)



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total investment cost


Transaction costs are estimated over a 3 year annualised period